Pumpkin Hill



This retreat, is nestled within existing manuka bush and looks out across the Pacific Ocean. A meandering gravel driveway, the only sign of habitation from the highway, traces a path up through the contoured site and vegetation. The low-slung single-level dwelling is revealed only upon arrival.

Conceived as an uncomplicated sanctuary within the bush, the architecture draws its inspiration from its surroundings. The tone of the timber cladding with its depth and texture is a contextual response to the environmental palette.

A U-shaped plan embraces an entry courtyard – a sheltered
space offering glimpses of ocean views and a sense of enclosure within an otherwise exposed environment. A central spine connects the sleeping spaces to the northern living area and deck, which are oriented to the sea.

Above, a metal roof mimics the landform and simple organization of spaces, folding up subtly to greet the view with light and volume.

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